Dear Colleagues,

In furtherance of our efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 in our community, the MBL will reduce our on-campus staffing levels and transition to remote working starting Monday, March 16 until further notice.

Moving to remote work where feasible protects all MBL staff by reducing the risk for others whose duties require being on campus. We recognize that there are many critical roles on campus for which responsibilities cannot be accomplished remotely.

As was tested during Friday’s business continuity exercise, managers of staff whose jobs can transition to home will work directly with their teams to ensure close communication and coordination among and within their departments using videoconferencing and collaboration tools and technologies. Remote workers will receive follow-up guidance from managers regarding specific workplans.

We will strive to minimize the impact on research programs without jeopardizing the health and well-being of MBL staff. Faculty, other Principle Investigators, and Research Services Managers should adjust research plans to reduce the number of people working in laboratories at any one time by promoting off-site work and flexible schedules, and should minimize situations where research teams congregate. Please direct questions about maintaining research continuity to Director of Research David Mark Welch,

For those working on-campus, internal meetings of any size should be carefully considered. We encourage MBL staff to use remote technology to collaborate via teleconferencing instead of meeting in person where feasible.

Planning and strategies are continually being reviewed as the outbreak evolves and we will keep you informed on a regular basis. For immediate questions, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources Department team members with any questions or concerns.

While social distancing must be an organizing principle of life during this unprecedented period, the vital work of the MBL will continue and will be supported by all of us working together. Thank you for your continued commitment during this critical time.

Paul Speer PhD
Chief Operating Officer
Marine Biological Laboratory