Dear Colleagues,

As you know, we have enacted a series of deliberate steps in recent days to reduce on-campus staffing and curtail the spread of COVID-19. These efforts include contingency planning for a ramp down of research operations with a shift toward a “maintenance-only” mode of on-campus operations. In the event that federal or state government requires a complete lab closure, acting definitely now gives us the best chance of preserving the most critical research components.

A similar approach is being taken with facilities and administrative operations. Our goal is to maintain critical functions while operating with the minimum number of people physically present on campus. Principal Investigators and managers are working closely with David Mark Welch and me to develop alternative staffing plans that can be deployed if we are called upon to do so.

As you augment and transition your work and research, know that the MBL stands behind you and will fully support you during these uncertain days and weeks ahead. As always, please address specific questions to your supervisor or Human Resources Department team members who are available to help you via e-mail, phone, or teleconference.

The public health crisis that we are facing demands we rethink how we work, conduct research, and collaborate, all on a very short timeline. We will achieve this together.

Paul Speer PhD
Chief Operating Officer
Marine Biological Laboratory