Dear Colleagues,

As we resume on-campus research and operations at the MBL, we expect all vendors or contractors who visit the MBL to abide by MBL health policies and protocols as a requirement for working on campus. These precautionary measures will help us to achieve our goal of providing a safe environment for our entire campus community. Please note that at this time the only visitors permitted on campus are vendors or contractors who are performing essential service or repair work on equipment or facilities.

If you are scheduling a visit with a vendor or contractor who will be working on the MBL campus or at off-site properties, it is your responsibility to send them the link to the Vendors and Contractors webpage prior to their arrival. All vendors must read and abide by the health policies and protocols listed on this page and then complete a Vendor and Contractor Visitation Form prior to arrival. Guidance for staff who plan to host vendors/contractors can be found here on the Reopening MBL intranet page.

The MBL Point of Contact (POC), as listed by the vendor on the form, is responsible for providing building access to vendor/contractor and ensuring that they are reminded about and are following MBL safety rules. A departmental lead from each MBL sector (Research, Education, Administration) will ensure that all faculty and staff located in the building in which the work will take place are notified.

The MBL departmental leads are as follows:

  • Research and Research Services
    (Central Microscopy Facility, Marine Resources Center, Animal Care & Zebrafish Facilities, Rowe, Starr, and Lillie Labs)
    David Mark Welch and Dana Mock-Munoz de Luna
  • Education
    (Loeb Laboratory)
    Chris Cepero, David Mark Welch, and Dana Mock-Munoz de Luna
  • Administration
    (Facilities, Swope Center, Cottages, IT, Campus Facilities, etc.)
    Sarah Mileikis

A log of all vendor/contractor visits submitted to date is available on the MBL Intranet. This spreadsheet is updated automatically and available at any time. It will also be shared in the Weekly Catch employee newsletter weekly.

If you have questions about a vendor/contractor visit, contact Alison Crawford, Chief of Staff to the Director,; 508-289-7276.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer