Dear Colleagues,

All visitors to campus must read and abide by the MBL’s COVID-19 health policies and protocols. For the last several months, all vendors and contractors working on campus have completed the Vendor and Contractor Visitation Form prior to their arrival. This process has worked well logistically and has helped us to provide as safe an environment as possible for our entire campus community.

While large tours and campus visits are suspended until further notice, there are cases when visitors must be on campus. To ensure that all visitors are accounted for and adhering to proper safety measures and following the success of the vendor/contractor process, we have developed an additional form for all Other Visitors that must be completed before arrival on campus.

Guidance for MBL points of contact inviting visitors to campus has been updated on the MBL Intranet to include instructions for vendor/contractors and all other visitors. View guidance here.

Please Note:

  1. MBL faculty who are planning to collaborate with visitors in the lab should continue to invite their collaborators through the Whitman Associates process as each collaborator needs to be incorporated into the Return to Research Protocols.
  2. Human Resources is responsible for making sure candidates for faculty or staff positions complete the form.
  3. Communications ( should be notified of all media/press visit requests and will take responsibility for ensuring the visitor completes the form.

Please be sure to send your visitors a link to the visitor webpage and not just a link to the form as we need all visitors to read MBL’s health policies and protocols in addition to completing a form.

If you have questions about inviting visitors to campus, contact Alison Crawford, Chief of Staff to the Director,; 508-289-7276.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer