Dear Colleagues –

Effective December 7, 2020, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has aligned its quarantine recommendations with those of the CDC, shortening the timeline for how long a person who had been exposed to an individual positive with COVID-19 must stay in quarantine.

Under the new guidance, people who have no symptoms and have a negative PCR test taken on Day 5 or later, can be released on Day 8 (following 7 days of quarantine). If the person does not have a test and does not have symptoms, they may leave quarantine on Day 11 (following 10 days of quarantine).

As such, the following MBL guidance and policies have been updated:

There were no changes announced for people who do have symptoms of COVID-19 and MBL policies for these individuals remains unchanged.

As always, feel free to reach out with questions to Eric Jensen, Environmental Health and Safety Manager ( or Human Resources (

Thank you,

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer