Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, the MBL will soon be resuming more research and training programs as we approach the summer months. The first Advanced Research Training Course (Embryology) begins May 23 and some Whitman Center scientists are already on campus. To support the increased programming, we will be increasing our administrative footprint in select departments.

The MBL’s original resumption of administration plan, effective on August 5, 2020, was reviewed by the University of Chicago, approved by Director Nipam Patel, and posted on the MBL Intranet. This plan has been updated by department managers to incorporate a slight increase in administrative staff beginning later this month. Nipam Patel has approved the updated plan and it is now available on the MBL Intranet.

As outlined in the message sent earlier this week, due to the unique nature of our programs, our current administrative capacity is significantly lower than the allowable amount as outlined in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts guidelines. We anticipate that with the gradual increase of administrative staff receiving vaccinations we can welcome more staff back to the campus as the summer progresses.

Although we are eager to bring more staff to the campus, we must be diligent throughout the transition process therefore any changes to the current administrative plan must be approved by your supervisor and reflected in the official administrative plan.

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer