Dear Colleagues,

As the new school year kicks off and in-person classrooms come back to life, it is not without the continued anxieties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Knowing that the difficulties that many caregivers faced last year may still persist, the MBL is extending the Dependent Care Support Grants Program.

These confidential, tax-free grants are designed to assist with extra or unforeseen out-of-pocket dependent care expenses due to reduced care programs, remote learning, or otherwise as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Awards are approved on a rolling basis, typically within two weeks of application submittal. Visit the MBL Intranet for details and application.

We also realize that from time to time (e.g. before or after school) it may be necessary for children to accompany their adult caregivers to work. In an effort to support parents and caregivers, the MBL will allow children access to campus buildings on an as-needed basis. Please note: to ensure safety, access is limited to office or other general spaces, and does not include laboratories.

Parents and guardians who would like to request building access for their child/minor must complete the Request Form for Child Access to MBL Buildings (see MBL Intranet for link) and agree to a set of responsibilities and requirements. Once approved, an ID badge will be created for the child/minor at MBL’s Registration Desk in the Swope Center.

For questions about either of these initiatives, please feel free to reach out to the Human Resources team at


Ann Egan
Director, Human Resources