Dear Colleagues –

As outlined in the update on the Omicron variant message sent last week, the MBL now requires that all employees receive a COVID-19 booster shot in addition to their original single or two-dose vaccination.

Employees who have already received their booster should upload their original vaccination information in addition to their proof of booster into the MBL’s vaccination registry. Access to individual vaccine records is restricted to a small number of Human Resources department staff and is maintained in accordance with applicable laws and public health regulations.

Individuals who have not yet received a booster but are eligible to do so must get a booster and upload their proof of vaccination by February 4, 2022. Those individuals who do not get a booster when eligible must contact Human Resources to request an approved exemption. Individuals who are not yet eligible for the booster must upload their vaccination information within two weeks of eligibility. The vaccination registry form can be accessed here:

For information about booster eligibility please refer to the CDC website. To find and book a vaccine appointment near you, visit As always, MBL’s COVID-19 health and safety policies and guidelines can be found on the MBLForward website.

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer