Dear Colleagues,

All of us are preparing for upcoming summer programming and it’s a good time to review MBL’s COVID protocols which have evolved just as the pandemic itself has evolved. Indeed, the Federal government’s COVID-19 Public Health Emergency declaration will end on May 11, 2023. This will prompt several changes, including the requirement that insurers cover COVID tests (see CDC website for details). Information on changes to coverage from MBL’s insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is posted on the intranet.

As we move into summer 2023, there are no changes to current COVID-19 operations. Our campus will remain mask-optional (including classrooms and events), perimeter doors to most buildings will be accessible without an ID during normal business hours, and Swope Café will be open to the public. Catered events are permissible indoors, although the use of outdoor spaces is encouraged.

MBL’s COVID operations team is meeting periodically and as needed to ensure a smooth transition to the busy summer season. Rapid antigen tests are available to visitors participating in research and education programs as requested and exposure protocols and isolation arrangements are in place for individuals using on-campus housing who test positive.

While nothing will be changing in our day-to-day operations, it’s important, particularly as we prepare to welcome many more people to our campus, that each of us monitor our health and stay home if we are feeling ill. All positive cases should follow MBL’s exposure protocols and promptly be reported to supervisors and to Human Resources (

Thank you for your continued cooperation. Our collective efforts will position the MBL for another successful summer of science. If you have questions visit the MBL Forward website or email

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer