Cleaning Protocols

Updated 5/27/21

Below is general information on product and cleaning responsibilities conducted on the MBL campus per Commonwealth of Massachusetts guidelines.

Labs, Break Rooms & Offices

Trash and Recycle Waste:
Trash and recycles will be removed daily Monday through Friday from the larger communal receptacles by MBL’s Environmental Services (EVS) staff. The EVS staff will minimize entry to all active lab/office spaces. Office/lab occupants are responsible for daily cleaning/disinfecting of their spaces. Individual office or lab trash/recycle bins must be emptied by the occupant into larger communal receptacles. Trash bags will be provided to departments.

Vacuum and Floor Washing:
Vacuum and floor washing are done once a week, normally in the early morning hours when space is unoccupied. EVS staff will not vacuum or wash floors in occupied spaces.

Personal Office/Lab Equipment & Space Cleaning:
It is the responsibility of the user of the space to clean their personal office or lab space and equipment. Depending on the type of space, cleaning products will be provided by EVS or the MBL stockroom to assure CDC approved products are being used. Users should not bring in personal cleaning products from home or obtain them outside of the MBL’s procurement process.


Cleaning and Disinfectant:
Bathroom cleaning will be done by EVS staff in Laboratory Buildings and the Swope Center once daily with an additional *touch up in the afternoon. Areas that will be cleaned in bathrooms include toilets, seats, sinks, counters, stall doors, dispensers, and door handles. In addition to the EVS cleaning, if users choose then they can use disinfectant spray provided in all bathrooms to sanitize before or after use.

*Touch up= “Eyes on” inspection of space, paper product refill and high touch areas wiped.

Common Areas

Conference/Meeting Spaces:
The EVS staff will clean tables, chair arms, and furniture before reserved space use. They will also disinfect high touch spots such as light switches, phones, AV controls, and doorknobs.

Classrooms and Lecture Halls:
The EVS staff will clean tables, chair arms, and furniture every morning before reserved use. Space used by different courses will be cleaned between use.

Cleaning Products

70% Ethanol
Research areas will be cleaned with 70% ethanol for cleaning protocol sourced through the MBL stockroom or procurement.

Hydrogen Peroxide
The EVS staff will provide disinfecting cleaning solutions for general surfaces or labs if desired.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
The MBL stockroom will provide alcohol hand sanitizer when hand washing stations with soap are not available.

Any additional cleaning or personal use supplies provided by EVS, aside from those noted above, should be purchase through the MBL stockroom by contacting

Note: Paper towels or other cleaning products should not be disposed of in toilets.