COVID Positive Protocol for Individuals Residing in On-Campus Housing

We are sorry to hear of your positive case of COVID.  We will do our best to help to make you comfortable during your Isolation time. Below are the procedures for your stay and exit from isolation.

For individuals residing on the MBL main campus, you will be provided an isolation room and information for food ordering from our dining services. In addition, a RAPID TEST will be delivered to your room to be used at the end of your isolation period. During your stay, housing will not be entering your room for cleanings, but can accept laundered linens to replace and give you cleaning supplies if requested. Based on available housing, you may have another COVID positive individual join you during this isolation time.

Anytime your door is open to public space you must remain masked. You may go outside for fresh air – but you must always remain masked indoors. While in transit between the outdoor and your room, please do not stop to talk. While outside maintain 6 feet distance from others if unmasked.

Isolation Period:
Your isolation time begins on either the day symptoms began or on the test day for asymptomatic individuals. That is considered day 0. You will need to stay isolated for the next five days. On the morning of the 6th day, please take the RAPID TEST. If the test is negative, you may then reintegrate into MBL activities and return to your original housing location. If positive, you will remain in isolation housing until you receive a negative RAPID Test result or 10 days have passed. Please email with the results of your test.

Example: John Smith, phone 759-555-5555, Rapid Test on June 10th 2 PM, Negative Result

Thank you for following this protocol!

If you have additional questions, you may contact either Ann or Eric.
Eric Jensen, Safety Manager at or by phone at 508-289-7424.
Courtney Buckley, Human Resources Director at or by phone at 401-835-8077