Dining at MBL

Updated 4/15/22

Dining at the MBL may be modified to accommodate MBL COVID-19 public health guidelines and policies.

What to expect when you dine with us
  • All guests must wear face coverings and observe social distancing while in our dining spaces.
  • All meals will be served on china or in “go green” to-go containers
  • A dedicated dining team member will assist with enhanced cleaning procedures and service in our kitchens, service, and seating areas.
  • Maximum capacities will be established, as needed, for serving areas.
  • Limited seating is available in Swope Dining Hall.

Behind the scenes

  • Mandatory self-monitoring and reporting of COVID-19 symptoms by all employees
  • Face coverings and gloves worn by all dining team members
  • Enhanced handwashing and glove changing procedures whenever switching tasks or after extended use
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures for high contact/touch point surfaces
Dining Venues

Swope Café

Swope Café, located on the first floor of the Swope Center, is available for employees and select registered guests . The Main Dining Hall, located on the second floor of the Swope Center, is reserved for registered participants with the Education, Whitman Visiting Research, and Conference Programs. Café customers can eat in the main dining hall.

Swope Café will be open Monday through Friday 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and is available for walk in service. You may also order ahead by downloading the “Bite by Sodexo – Universities” app from Google Play or Apple App Store. Select Marine Biological Laboratory as location. All items for Swope Café are priced on an a la cart pricing structure. Payment may be made with of cash, credit card or MBL Card. Payment will need to be made at the register prior to leaving the area.

Swope Main Dining Hall

The Main Dining Hall is open from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM and provides new main entrée options in addition to customized sandwich and salad selections. Individuals dining in the main dining hall must be sitting at least six feet from others and their masks can only be removed while eating. Masks should be put back on when finished eating.

MBL dining provides different recipes each day from around the world. Also try our pizza station with fresh pizza pies made daily by hand.

As always safety is our number one priority, so should you have any questions or concerns please reach out by emailing dining@mbl.edu or talking with a Sodexo staff member.

Guest Dining

Request Dining Access for family members or participants who are not on a meal plan at the time of check in at the Swope Front Desk. Buildings remain locked due to COVID-19 protocols, therefore anyone accessing MBL Dining must have an ID Badge with Swope access. We regret that due to decreased space capacity, Swope Main Dining is not accessible to anyone who is not a registered participant for the Education, Whitman Visiting Research, or Conference Programs. Additional dining space is available under tents located outside of the Swope Center.

Education Program: 

Family members and anyone not participating as a registered member of an MBL Education Program are not permitted to charge food to a course dining card. They may utilize Swope Café but must pay for meals with cash or credit card and they are not eligible for the MBL employee discount.

Registered participants in an Education Program who are not on a meal plan can charge meals to an inclining balance dining card at Swope Main Dining (for example a vendor or course lecturer). They may also access the Swope Café and pay out of pocket if desired.

Whitman Visiting Research Program:

Whitman Visiting Researchers who are not on a meal plan may use a dining card charged to their Accounts Receivable account in Swope Main Dining or they may pay out of pocket with cash or credit card in the Swope Café. If using a dining card, it is the investigator and their home institution’s responsibility to verify allowability of funding sources. Family members and anyone not participating as a registered member of the Whitman Visiting Research Program may utilize Swope Café, but they must pay for meals with cash or credit card and they are not eligible for the MBL employee discount.