Facilities and Services

Updated 4/15/22

Facilities and Services

The MBL Facilities and Services (F&S) Department provides essential and routine services to maintain laboratory operations and to support research and education activities. The department is represented by the following groups:


The Campus Security staff provides 24-hour security services. Until further notice, all MBL buildings are locked at all times and only those individuals with an active MBL badge have access. Security staff monitor building access, which is provided to staff, researchers, students, and approved registered program participants. MBL ID cards should always be worn on campus to access buildings. For any questions, please contact the Security Office by emailing securityofficers@mbl.edu or by calling 508-289-7217.

Mail & Shipping

The MBL is not currently delivering or collecting mail from departments. Mail must be dropped off and collected in the mail room located in the basement of the Lillie building.  For any questions, please contact the MBL’s Shipping and Receiving Office by emailing shipping@mbl.edu.

Outgoing mail and package shipping is available 8:00 am through 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  All outbound mail, including first class letters and all FedEx & UPS packages, must be delivered to the mailroom lobby, and placed on the table marked for mail drop-off with proper mailing information. All outbound mail and packages must be received no later than 2:30 pm.

All first-class letters will be received and sorted daily and placed in the appropriate internal mailboxes. The mailroom lobby is open during normal business hours (8 am – 5 pm) to retrieve mail.


  • Rowe, Lillie, MRC:
    Packages are left inside each laboratory with contactless delivery.
  • Starr:
    Packages are delivered to the common area with contactless delivery.
  • Loeb:
    Packages are brought to the Loeb loading dock where the Loeb Laboratory Assistant (Chris Cepero) will sort and plan for contactless delivery.
  • Broderick, Homestead, Candle House and all other buildings:
    Delivery is contactless.

Plant Operations and Maintenance (POM)

The POM staff provides building services Monday through Friday from 7:00 am through 5:00 pm, as well as support for any on-call emergencies. For questions or to request service, please contact  pom@mbl.edu or call 508-289-7776. For any after-hours POM needs, contact Security at 508-289-7217.


All staff, researchers, students, and approved registered program participants can park in main campus parking lots.

  • All year-round staff will be issued green parking stickers allowing them to park on-campus
  • Seasonal staff, Education Program course participants, and Whitman Visiting Research Program participants will be issued red parking stickers and must park in the Devils Lane Parking Lot A limited number of on-campus parking stickers will be approved for Education and Whitman Visiting Research Program participants.
  • Current parking stickers are required on all vehicles in order to identify cars.
  • Applications for 2022 parking stickers can be found on this website. Please note: You must be on campus or connected via the VPN to access the website.
  • Parking passes for special events and registered day visitors may be issued through the Security Department. Contact securityofficers@mbl.edu or by calling 508-289-7217.
  • Contact parking@mbl.edu with any questions on parking or the shuttle.