Guidance for Using Masks in MBL Work Areas

Updated 3/8/22

As of March 14, masks will be optional for staff in all MBL campus spaces including research laboratories, office settings, dormitories, and dining spaces. Masks will continue to be required in instructional settings (e.g., classrooms, teaching labs), while educational content is being delivered in other spaces (e.g., MRC tours), and at any event open to the public (e.g., Falmouth Forums).

The MBL will continue to modify indoor mask policies over the coming weeks to reflect the changing campus environment. Any future changes to masking policy will consider the constant flux of U.S. and international investigators, faculty, and students onto our campus.

Since masks are still required in some settings and may be used voluntarily in others, the MBL recommends always keeping a mask with you for such situations. We ask that everyone be courteous of others and respect each other’s mask-use choices and requests. This may include voluntary masking in meetings or other contexts.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Eric Jensen (EHS Manager) at 508-289-7424 or by email at

MBL-branded masks can be purchased through the Gift Shop. Disposable masks are available for purchase in the MBL Stockroom.