MBL Housing Protocols

Updated 11/30/22

The MBL is committed to establishing a campus environment that enables programmatic activities with an ongoing diligence of evolving COVID-19 guidelines to ensure a campus culture focused on a shared responsibility for health and safety. Working with the University of Chicago, the MBL has implemented modified housing and dining operations to meet state and federal guidelines and requirements.

Community living and dining are important elements to the overall experience on the MBL campus. To welcome students, faculty, and researchers to the MBL campus in the current COVID-19 environment, we may have reduced density capacities.

Housing assignments are made based on a tiered priority system determined by the MBL Leadership in combination with program participant needs.

All registered program participants staying in MBL Housing must complete a Housing Agreement.

The MBL worked closely with the University of Chicago to implement a variety of mandatory health protocols to help mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 on campus. Housing related protocols include:

Accommodations for Isolation Housing

Quarantine housing is available when a person has potentially been exposed to an illness and needs to separate from other people in order to monitor their symptoms. Isolation housing is used when someone has symptoms or is confirmed to have an illness.

If a participant needs to go into quarantine or isolation, and they reside in on-campus housing, then the Housing & Conferences Department will work with the participant to ensure they can safely quarantine and have meals delivered to them. Participants may need to relocate their on-campus residence as needed to safeguard their health and that of their community.

Relocation for Temporary Accommodations

The Housing and Conferences staff will inform the participant if they are required to relocate to a different housing location and they will provide instructions for steps they must take to prepare for their temporary accommodations, as well as contact information for assistance throughout the period.

Meal Delivery

The MBL Housing and Conferences staff will work with the participant to arrange meal deliveries; provide additional towels and linens if needed; and they will periodically check-in with the participants for any additional needs.

Cleaning Service

Cleaning service will be suspended in quarantine and isolation rooms; however, staff can provide individuals with cleaning and other room supplies as well as trash/recycling removal. Individuals must place bagged trash/recycling outside of the door by 2:00 p.m. daily (including weekends) for removal.

Quarantine and isolation rooms will be cleaned and disinfected once the individual departs the space.

Quarantine and Isolation Rooms Include:

  • Full access to wireless internet so that people can attend classes remotely and participate in virtual activities.
  • Prepared meals for reheating, fresh fruit, produce, and dairy products will be regularly delivered to them by the MBL Dining staff. The Housing & Conferences or Dining staff will contact participants at the start of their stay in quarantine or isolation to inquire about food allergies and/or special diet requirements.
  • Access to a mini refrigerator or a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator. The Housing & Conferences or Dining staff will contact participants at the start of their stay in quarantine or isolation to inquire about food allergies and/or special diet requirements.

All participants in quarantine or isolation can receive access to medical and/or mental health services.

All housing maintenance problems should be reported to the Housing Office at 508-289-7668 or housing@mbl.edu. The Plant and Operations Maintenance (POM) staff will only enter a housing unit when residents are not present. Note: All staff associated with the cleaning or repair processes are required to wear masks and gloves while cleaning and maintain social distancing guidelines.

All other standard housing policies and information can be found here.