Reporting and Non-Compliance Process

Updated 11/30/22

The MBL’s success at limiting the spread of COVID-19 depends on everyone demonstrating a shared commitment to public health. All members of the MBL community including staff and those participating in research and academic programs are required to complete a vaccination registry and acknowledgment and attestation form, which acknowledges they will comply with the MBL’s COVID-19 health requirements.

While we do not want to be punitive, it is essential to promote an understanding of and respect for the public health commitments reflected in the attestation in order to hold our programs during the pandemic, and to protect the local community in which the MBL resides. The MBL cannot tolerate behaviors by members of the MBL community that place others at risk. Members of the campus community have received information reinforcing the importance of upholding public health requirements and potential consequences for violations.

Corrective action ranging from denial of building access to dismissal from the MBL will be taken for any individual on campus who does not comply with the MBL COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy and related health requirement policies.

What To Do If You See Others Not Complying With Our Health and Safety Requirements

The MBL’s experience so far indicates that there is widespread determination across the MBL community to uphold COVID-19 health and safety requirements. If you see someone violating health and safety requirements, we encourage you to take either of the following steps:

  • Politely urge them to adhere to the MBL workplace safety policy, noting the specific requirement they are not adhering to.
  • Report the situation immediately:
    • To your supervisor, MBL Point of Contact, Human Resources at, or Environmental Heathy and Safety Manager at