Campus Visitor and Vendor Information

Updated 5/3/22

The MBL’s Efforts to Promote a Culture of Health and Safety

The MBL is committed to maintaining its mission-critical and distinctive academic and research programs, while working to protect the health of our staff, faculty, students, visiting scientists, visitors, and our broader local community.

In close collaboration with the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Medicine, we’re implementing a wide range of health and well-being practices, and we’re committed to creating a campus culture focused on shared responsibility for protecting the health and safety of every member of our community.

We act in accordance with the guidelines of public health agencies at the federal, state, and local levels.

Campus Visitors and COVID-19

Non-residential visitors to the MBL facilities are restricted to those explicitly invited and hosted by a faculty or staff member and are not a contractor or vendor. Visitors must complete a visitation form (see below) which provides a questionnaire to complete COVID-19 vaccination requirements to access the campus and acknowledges that they have read and will comply by the MBL’s Health Policies and Protocols.

Onsite Vendor and Contractor Access

In keeping with the MBL’s expectation that every person who enters an MBL facility adopt precautions designed to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission, the MBL has created a process – including a required form – for vendors who are critical to MBL operations (e.g. contracted services, those repairing or installing equipment) onsite. The vendors must have a designated MBL sponsor and must complete a COVID-19 Vendor Access form (see below) and must wear a mask at all times in campus buildings.

Please Note:

The COVID-19 pandemic has created substantial individual and community health risks. Even with extensive planning and focus on the community’s health and safety, the MBL cannot eliminate these risks. Together we can try to reduce risk, but only if each of us commits to fostering a culture of shared responsibility for our individual and collective health and safety. The MBL thus expects every person who comes to the MBL campus, whether as a staff member, student, volunteer, contractor, or visitor, to adopt precautions designed to mitigate the risk of viral transmission. The MBL has outlined these safety precautions on this website.

Before You Visit

You must: