Dear Colleagues,

As part of our evolving response to COVID-19, the MBL has updated its requirements and streamlined COVID tools and resources.

What’s Changing?

Vaccination: The MBL will no longer require proof of vaccination for employees and residential program participants, effective September 5, 2023. We strongly recommend staying up to date on CDC vaccine recommendations.

Asymptomatic Testing Program: Our voluntary weekly asymptomatic testing program ended in mid-July. Rapid tests are available to any staff member or program participant who feels unwell while on campus. Rapid tests may be picked up at the Swope front desk during normal business hours.

Exposure Protocols: [https:/]Exposure and COVID positive procedures have been updated to follow CDC guidelines. Staff must follow these guidelines before returning to campus if they suspect exposure or if they test positive. Any MBL community member who tests positive must promptly self-report to their supervisor or MBL point of contact, and Human Resources at

Contact Tracing: MBL will no longer notify close or proximate contacts for exposure and will rely on the individual that tests positive to inform close contacts of exposure so that they can monitor their health and get tested if needed. I’d like to thank the MBL staff who served as contact tracers throughout the pandemic for their role in keeping our community healthy.

MBLForward Website: Content on the MBLForward website and the COVID-19 dashboard has been updated and streamlined to reflect CDC and MBL requirements.

What’s Not Changing?

Personal Health Awareness: Please remember to monitor your health and stay home if you are feeling ill and until symptoms have resolved. Especially as we enter the fall and winter seasons, simple steps like handwashing, staying up to date on flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, and avoiding others when feeling sick helps to protect yourselves, your colleagues, and your loved ones from illnesses. We will continue to maintain minimal campus signage to remind staff and visitors to check their health daily.

Masking:  Individuals may decide to mask based on their own circumstances and their preferences. Such decisions should be respected.

Despite the changes to our procedures, please remember that COVID-19 has not gone away. New variants are circulating, and case counts are increasing in some parts of the country.  Because of these developments, we ask all staff to remain vigilant and take protective measures as needed. As has been the case throughout the pandemic, MBL’s procedures are subject to change depending on guidance from state and federal public health experts.

Paul Speer
Chief Operating Officer